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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Singapore - Studied at 3DSense Media School - Digital Design and Illustration

Currently practicing with personal work and exploring career options

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Value Study 06 by H3KATE
Value Study 06
Photostudy 22042016
Value Studies B&W

Definitely need to work on proportions and pushing my understanding of values.
Work in Progress - Orbital Mech Launch Preparation by H3KATE
Work in Progress - Orbital Mech Launch Preparation

Update: Added colors and doing lighting pass.

Had this guy running around in my head for awhile; time to let him loose!

Drew inspiration from various references to create this Orbital Intervention mech for a personal project of mine. Its still in it raw primordial stages but until I improve my skill-sets and challenge myself fundamentally, I am going to this one slowly but steadily.

Think F22-Raptor in space but for high speed mechanized infantry doing ship boarding assaults, low orbit-to-planetary drops and area denial in spaceborne urban polities (orbital stations, space elevators, etc.)

Will continue to work with this, among others. Have a good night's rest and thanks for checking out my page!

Mechanus Inquisitor Sire Cadmus Kerenski by H3KATE
Mechanus Inquisitor Sire Cadmus Kerenski

All reference materials is copyrighted games - Workshop 2016

This is my personal character Sire Cadmus Kerenski based in the 40k universe; a Radical Inquisitor inspired by the Skitarii Ranger and Vanguard aesthetics. However instead of using xenos/daemonic wargear only, the character is a member of a rogue Inquisitor/Mechanicus sect innovating new technologies together to combat the enemies of the Imperium.

Which the orthodox Mechanicus would not take kindly to.

This is just the main character himself, as I am still working on other elements to the illustration (foreground, background, VFX, etx.) Because I intend for this piece to be a sort of 'crucible' for me to improve my skillset and know-how.

C&C is welcome, and thank you for visiting Jun Enterprises!

Mech Concept 01: TI-16 Powered Chassis by H3KATE
Mech Concept 01: TI-16 Powered Chassis
In Russia, mech draws you!

Had this idea running around in my cranium for awhile; finally decided to flesh it out on Photoshop, would like to develop and improve the design in future.

Comes equipped with a Chaff Pod, Armour-Integrated Jump Jets and twin Quad-Barreled 25mm Cannons. 
Перун Pattern Siege Hammer sold separately.
Exo Chassis Infantry by H3KATE
Exo Chassis Infantry
Done back in January; after a long hiatus for 3 months I wanted to see where I left off.

A quick exoskeleton suit design which incorporated armor plates together with the essentials, to be worn over the uniform. Would like to expand on this design in future.
Apologies guys, i have been occupied with personal hiatus and now attempting to keep up with classes and assignments. I have some art OTW to being polished and ready for showing, so please hang on a bit longer.

To those who recently visited my page, thank you very much :) I really appreciate it.

Please hang on while i get my artworks polished to the best of my abilities as for now.

Catch y'all later :D

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